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The WeekEnd

February 10th, 2008 at 09:20 pm

On Saturday, I spent $49 at Costco:

* toothpaste and cosmetics, 28.99

* 2.5 lbs of Starbucks French Roast beans,


The Starbuck's coffee is a great deal as 1 lb of coffee at a stand-alone Starbuck's is about 11.99 here; so 2.5 lbs for 18.49 is quite the deal. Initially, I feared they were seconds or the lame beans, but they actually taste better than the stand-alone shop's coffee beans. And the big bag is cool to have.

I saved about $10 on the cosmetics stuff, too.

Other $$:

lunch out (special occasion) --18.00
child's allowance -- $40.00

And I spent zero today (Sunday).

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