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Alaska is not Maine

February 15th, 2008 at 11:00 pm

For the Alaskaphiles: I want to start in Fairbanks; go to Denali; then Anchorage and Seward and the Kenai Glaciers. I do not mind renting a car to do the driving; I found a place in Denali that has a shuttle to the bus tour. All good. I cannot go on the shoulder season as I wish to take my school-age child with me.

The odd thing is that a 7 day cruise is less $$ than 7 days in a rental car with hotels.

Anyway, I was hesitant because in pictures, it sort of looks like Maine; I want bang for my vacation buck.

Part of my hesitation is that I cannot visualize what it is like there. My mother told me there is a Nordstrom in Anchorage, which surprised me.

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