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Ten Things I Have Learned From Going to Rock Concerts

February 15th, 2008 at 11:13 pm

1. Buy a small flask, fill it with tequila, and tuck it into your sock. Drinks are pricey at concerts.

2. If you go to enough shows by the same band, then at some point, ask to be put on the guest list for a show. Or maybe they will offer.

3. Do not buy their overpriced t shirts. If you must have one, look on eBay. $30 or $40 for a t shirt is a rip off.

4. If they sell an Instant Live or a recording of the show available after the concert, split the cost with a friend and then upload it to your iTunes and iPod.

5. Concerts are expensive. During the summer, there are often sales at large outdoor venues nearer to the actual date of the show; sometimes, for example, lawn tickets go on sale for $10 each. This is a great savings, and some of these places allow you to bring in a one gallon plastic bag of food, so you do not have to buy their overpriced stuff.

6. If you are flexible, go to the venue right before the show; the people outside selling extra tickets drop their prices dramatically once the show starts.

7. Unless the artist is someone special and the event is once in a lifetime, do not pay outrageous prices for tickets. My most expensive ticket was $250 for Paul McCartney -- well worth it. Most of these bands and artists will come around again.

8. Sometimes venues need volunteers and then you get to be at the show for free.

9. Radio stations have contests for free tickets all the time. Enter.

10. Public radio and TV stations often have cool music events, free; such as XPN in Philadelphia; or public radio stations that have events and contests for their members (tax deductible donations from $30 and up).

4 Responses to “Ten Things I Have Learned From Going to Rock Concerts”

  1. reflectionite Says:

    great list! i agree, i have been to a few concerts in my couple of years of being 'of age'. i might also suggest eating before you go, wear covered shoes, take as little as you possibly can (ie phone, money, id, ticket) and KEEP AWAY from the sweaty, shirtless, drunk men that seem to *slide* around the crowd. EUGH!!!

  2. jodi Says:

    Dh and I spent $100 each on tickets to see Paul too - twice! I'm not a big concert goer, but that is one concert I would spend money to see over and over.

  3. reflectionite Says:

    i spent $130 to see Daft Punk (a french DJ set) two months ago, (Muscles, Cut Copy and Presets played also before their set). At the door a guy near me was offered $1200 for his ticekt, as the show sold out in a day, and they had to put an extra show on in Melbourne too. It was the first time Daft Punk have been to australia.

  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    Interesting! I've actually... never been to a rock concert before. Big Grin Just not my thing I guess....

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